A Question of Industrial Unionism?

I have been looking up resources on the web to help
with a story about the Korean solidarity movements.
The Korean Teachers Union has interesting websites,
including antiwar:


I notice that KTU is affiliated with KCTU, a coalition
that describes itself as an “industrial union”:


On the other hand there is another coalition of Korean
trade unions FKTU with which another teacher’s group
is affiliated KUTU. These are more conservative.

Furthermore, I notice that, while both labor
coalitions are opposed to the war, it is the FKTU that
Muhsin mentions at his website.


All this is leading up to a question. If I compare
the Korean and Iraqi labor movements, would it be fair
to say that “industrial unionism” in the Korean KCTU
is parallel to “industrial unionism” in the Iraqi
FWCUI? And more conservative versions of unionism,
albeit anti-war, may be found in the Korean FKTU and
Iraqi IFTU?

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