Affidavit of Ricardo Villa Ulfeng

Note: this is the testimony of the passenger who leaped the
fence. He admits that he was selling marijuana to [X name
withheld by editor] while under surveillance by undercover cops.

After doing so, we left and were headed to [D’s name withheld by
editor] house. He lives off Honey Bee Bend. On the way over
to [D’s] house, the three of us were smoking a blunt, marijuana.
We had smoked a couple of blunts. We were on Quicksilver and S.
Pleasant Valley when I noticed a car behind us. I had not been
paying attention and did not realize that it was a police officer
behind us. I then saw an undercover car drive onto Quick Silver
and then backed up and got in front of the Suburban that we were
in. I told [E name withheld by editor] and Daniel that I was
leaving. By that I meant that I was going to take off.

[E] was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and Daniel Rocha
was in the back seat sitting in the center. I immediately opened
the door and ran out. I started to jump the fence when I heard
the officer call me by my name and say "Stop Ricky". I remember
looking back and seeing Daniel’s face looking at me….

Signed June 30, 2005

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