Affidavit of Kenneth Lee Connor

Note: from a police officer who was assisting in the undercover operation.

I observed Shelly at the drivers side door attempting to get the driver
out of the Chevrolet. I parked my marked police unit in the
street on Quicksilver and got out quickly and told Shelly that I was
coming to help. As I was running towards the drivers side of the
Chevrolet SUV I could hear other persons yelling and what sounded like
a struggle on the passenger side of the Chevrolet SUV. Just as I
got to the driver’s side door I heard a "pop" noise from the passenger
side of the the Chevrolet SUV and I thought that someone had used their
Tazeer on the subject. I heard someone make a grunting type sound
as I have heard when someone gets Tazed. I started around the
front side of the Chevrolet SUV to see if they needed assistance and I
heard Julie say "I shot him". I could see Julie standing to the
east of an unknown male who was laying face down on the ground and Sgt.
Doyle was on his knees on the west side of the subject….

Connor says he saw blood on Rocha’s back left. Schroeder
handed him her gun saying ‘take it’ and he placed it on the seat of her
car. He noticed a Tazer approximately 6 feet to the west of Daniel.
Next to the door that Daniel had exited, he noticed a bag of marijuana.

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