Green China

Browsing the official Chinese websites via Google translate we find the following:

CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier Li Keqiang on the 17th [June 2009] to participate in the national energy-saving publicity week energy conservation activities and to attend the forum, stressed the need to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the conservation of resources, environmental protection a basic national policy, to promote energy-saving emission reduction, the construction of ecological civilization, as to cope with the international financial crisis, to promote stable and rapid economic development tasks, speed up the development of low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, good economic benefits of green industries, and foster new economic growth point, to achieve sustainable development.

Also, we read that earlier in the month of June, China hosted a joint meeting with an EU delegation of “government departments, academic institutions, as well as European energy companies” to “deal with the important topic of climate change.” Here’s the report in Google-speak:

China’s National Development and Reform Commission Secretary . . . said at the meeting that the Chinese government issued a series of clean development mechanisms to encourage the development of policies, and to take positive action to expand the CDM implementation in China.

Practice has proved that this mechanism is not only Chinese enterprises to mobilize the enthusiasm of energy-saving emission reduction, but also reduces the completion of the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries to establish the cost of emission reduction targets, is a win-win mechanism.

One wonders how the Chinese and EU communities perceive the question of “global warming denial” which seems to pervade all discussions of the matter in the USA.