Subversion and Themes

OK, second summer along the WordPress path. First spent a little time musing over platform tools. Should I jump over to MS Visual Web Express 2008. Honey coated temptation to be sure. Even bought Imar Spaanjaars cool book on ASP.NET 3.5. Also checked out Prado as a php IDE. Very nice work by some hard riding code jockeys. In the end, decided to stick with WordPress and summer up with two wp priorities (1) learn how to use subversion as my publishing tool. And (2) get into theme-ing.


I Googled “subversion wordpress hosting” and came up with A2hosting. Found some satisfied users, looked at the pricing. Signed up. Within hours had my subversion-published blog and was trying on themes like a kid at a back-to-school sale. Come visit my new hobby site for WordPress skill dev at WPscape.Info

Oh, and don’t forget to come back next summer. I won’t keep you very long.