Christmas in Aztlan: Cheers from Ramsey & Irma

December 25, 2005

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Ramsey – "Tezcatlipoca" Irma "Citlalmina"
and our families, we thank you for the love and support that
you have given us. Know that I will travel to
Springfield, Missouri again to be with my husband from
December 29 through January 1.

We also thank you for bringing forth the spiritual/cultural
movement of the 21st century. This movement is one that
pertains to the masses of our people and is to be taken
seriously. Life is serious, and as you well know I have
learned the significance of this. Below is Ramsey’s message.
I know that these words are for his people whom he loves.
He states the following:

"The pain that I feel for my people is so great and I’m unable
to cry as a Mexicano. I would like to cry, but I have no more tears.

We must take the time and thank God for giving us life once more. I’m
convinced now that He has a mission not only for us, but for those
around us. Citlalmina, I cannot find the words to share with you that
my heart, my love, my spirituality is like never before in my life.
Every night it is a new vision and/or dream that He brings to my life
for me to share with you and those close to our hearts.

He has shared with me that one day soon we will be totally free
from the chains and shackles of the oppressor. He took my life and gave
it back to us. Now it is our destiny to bring life, love, liberation,
and justice in the same way that our beloved brother, Jesus did on this
day of His birth."



Email from Irma Muniz (Dec. 21, 2005)

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