Nazi Traffic Turns Poll Against Income Taxes for Education

An AFSC Press Release (posted below) about Minutemen being shunned by the Austin
City Council has attracted some site traffic from White Nationalists
and right-wingers on campus. Not only have they swarmed the AFSC press
release, but they have voted it down, too. Meanwhile the income
tax poll, which
usually verges on yes by a slim margin has tipped to no. No
income taxes for education. At least the White Nationalist crowd
votes consistently. Robust public education probably would not be good
for the Nazi movement. Probably explains something about attitude
in the lege, too.

Anyway, welcome Nazi readers. Hang out, linger over the archives. And don’t miss
the clip on race history printed in the Washington Post. We’re
all brothers and sisters of Africa, ultimately. And Aztlan is
what you might call the family reunion (yes, you read it here first!).

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