Diane Wilson: Last Year about this Time Where Do you Think they Threw Her?

Why into jail, of course, with Medea Bejamin and other "raucous" perhaps "unreasonable" inaugural protesters, reports the New Standard via a source from CodePink.

This year, Wilson’s publishing house Chelsea Green proudly posts word of its author’s jailing Dec. 5, 2005 at a Houston fundraiser featuring Dick Cheney.

As Kristin Mack reported for the Houston Chronicle:

At least one protester infiltrated the event. Diane Wilson of the progressive women’s group Code Pink said she paid only $50."

"I guess they needed people inside," she said. "You can get in pretty cheap. I didn’t want to give too much."

She briefly disrupted Cheney’s speech and rolled out a banner that reads: "Corrupt greed kills from Bhopal to Baghdad."

Wilson was promptly escorted out.

Meanwhile, 21 organizations, among them Veterans for Peace, the International Socialist Organization and Progressive Action Alliance, protested outside.

Note: See also this web bonus from bhopal.net: Diane Wilson ‘Manhunt’ for Anderson Ends With Diane in Jail

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