Diane Wilson's Daughter Arrested During Jail Visit to Mom

From Houston Indymedia

by Katie Heim Wednesday January 11, 2006 at 07:30 PM

Two of Diane Wilson’s daughters came to visit her in Victoria County jail on Sunday. They were made to wait over forty minutes to see their mother, while other inmates were able to visit with their respective loved ones. The youngest of Wilson’s daughters, who has always walked the straight and narrow and feared coming to the jail in the first place, was pulled aside and told she was under arrest. When Diane’s daughter (who prefers to remain nameless) asked why she was told the arrest was due to a traffic ticket from 1999. WIlson’s daughter says she’s only had one traffic ticket in her entire life, and she paid it. Despite these protestations, Diane’s daughter was searched and accused of trying to pass her mother information. She was put in a holding cell, where she wept uncontrollably. During this ordeal she encountered another prisoner, who asked her if she was there to see "that actvist Diane". The male prisoner said that the jailers didn’t like Diane, because Diane didn’t like Bush. WIlson has been attempting to organize the prisoners of the Victoria County Jail since her incarceration, and has asked for prisoner treatment standards several times. Diane’s daughter was held for several hours, until her sister posted the $320 to procure her release. She was then allowed five minutes with her mother, for whom she tried to wear a brave face. Diane’s daughter called Travis County, who issued the disputed ticket, and confirmed that the ticket had in fact been paid. She is now awaiting paper confirmation of this so that she can file a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

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