Molly on Diane

It don’t get no better than this. Molly Ivins reviews Diane Wilson’s book, Unreasonable Woman. Check it out at the Bioneers Blog:

"I believe the book will become a classic, not just of the environmental movement, but of American lit, as well. It is the rare, clear, moving voice of a working-class woman goaded into action against the greatest massed forces in the world today: globalized corporate greed backed by government power."
And from Australia, a round of applause with this quip: "I reckon that ASIO didn’t think the Australian protest movement would be able to think like Diane Wilson unless we went to a Scott Parkin class."

Parkin is the Texas activist who got kicked out of Australia in 2005 for attempting to educate folks on nonviolent resistance. He now resides in the California bay area.

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