MEChA Facts and Myths: Further Thoughts on Mr. Jones

By Greg Moses

As we await Alex Jones’ promised sequels to his report from the Diez y
Seis rally, a review of links at Azteca net suggests that preliminary
reports from Mr. Jones appear to be based on a 2003 smear campaign
against California’s Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, whose college membership
in MEChA was turned against him during his campaign for Governor of
California. As argued
by Jorge Mariscal, the scare tactics used by familiar pundits against
MEChA have a legacy in Anti-Mexican hate groups. See also: Mecha
Facts and Myths by Ralph de Unamuno at

Alex Jones is a Minuteman sympathizer who
sees the US-Mexico border in terms of a war zone. On the Alex
Jones radio show today (Sept. 22) he encouraged his audience to help
him get some Minutemen guests on his show, explaining that his direct
calls to the organization have not been very successful. He pleaded
with his audience to remind the Minutemen that Alex, "is having rallies
to defend you!" Apparently, some of the Minutemen treat Mr. Jones
as a lightweight. Meanwhile, standing among
the protesters who demonstrated with or merely alongside Mr. Jones
Saturday were people with signs demanding "Mexico Out of USA" and "One
Nation One Language". Whenever people who keep such company shout
loudly about "Mexican Supremacism" we have a right to wonder what
bothers them most: supremacism or Mexican?
In keeping with our general method of approach, to not
multiply disputes, I enjoyed hearing Mr. Jones today jealously guard
the liberties of USA citizens against powerful government
encroachments. What puzzles me is why Mr. Jones would support
efforts by citizens to extend the power of the state over the freedoms
of migrants. It seems the puzzle is solved so long as one draws a
very bright line around who does and who does not count as a person
with rights. And so long as Mr. Jones seeks to cultivate favor
with fellow demonstrators and organizations who prefer to draw bright
lines between Mexicans and the USA, we have a difficult time
understanding why he gets so miffed at the very idea that others might
appropriate his bright line schema, only to reverse the hierarchy of power.

A framework of human and civil rights is the better alternative, and
that’s why we won’t support one supremacist who stands in the favored
circle condemning the alleged existence of would-be supremacists who
would only reverse the
power dynamic between groups already separated by Mr. Jones’ bright
line. In this sort of sordid atmosphere, we wonder, why
Jones, did you stand with or merely beside an obviously supremacist
outpouring on a day of Mexican-American celebration? You say it was to
expose extremist hate groups within the Mexican-American community. But
given the company you stood with–and the supremacist exclusions they
represent in their plain sign language–what gives you the right to
complain about supremacism of any sort?


Note: "In parts two and three, I will detail the long trail of horrors that I
witnessed as well as posting a lengthy video report documenting our
claims. We have ten hours of footage from four cameras, which includes
people frothing and screaming racist comments and then calling us
racists for saying that we should all live together in peace."–Alex

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