Reader Defends Alex Jones

I am a resident of Austin Texas and read your recent articles About
Alex Jones and his counter Diez y Seis de Septiembre rally on Saturday.
I believe that you along with our local mainstream media have
completely missed the point here. No where does Alex suggest that his
is protesting against the celebration of Diez y Seis, but in fact
explicitly states "Our press release that was sent to the media clearly
stated that we were there to expose racist groups that were preaching
their message in the Hispanic community, and that these groups were
creating division that was detrimental to everyone." From this and
listening to anything that he says you can easily realize that he was
not protesting the celebration at all, but only certain elements that
are overtly racist. How can you attack him for this? You are obviously
eating all the lies thrown down by the mainstream media, who in this
case outright lied and completely mislead the public. I Would not be
supprised if some of our local media will eventually be sued for their
slander. Alex and you are working for the same cause. The man hates all
forms of racism and has proven so time and again. Why attack him for

Concerned Austinite
(with a Harte-Hanks email address) From the Austin American-Statesman of Sunday, Sept. 18:

protesting the concept of a parade about Mexico’s independence from
Spain," said George Pangborn, 48, of Burnet, who wore a T-shirt from
the conspiracy Web site infowars .com and was videotaping the
demonstration. He said most of the demonstrators were from Austin.

got noisy when about 200 people in the parade, who were marching to
protest the Minutemen — an ad hoc citizens group planning to try to
stop illegal immigrants at the Texas-Mexico border — confronted the

"Hey, hey, ho, ho, Minutemen have got to go," the marchers chanted, some with bullhorns.

demonstrators yelled back through their bullhorns and waved signs with
such slogans as "Mexico out of USA" and "One Nation, One Language."

"If anything, we’re pro-Minutemen," Pangborn said.

Alex Jones to Minutemen, from the Alex Jones Show of Sept. 22: "Alex is on the horn having rallies to defend you!"

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