Ramsey Out of Surgery–Again

Dear Friends:

After having been through surgery, Ramsey was taken to ICU, and I believe that he is still there. He is doing better. He is able to converse and reflect on family, friends, and the grave illness that he has experienced for the past several weeks.

The surgical procedure consisted of cleaning his intestines, as they had a tremendous amount of infected fluids. Doctors did not see a bile leak.

Ramsey still has infected fluids that doctors continue to suction out. He has a tube inserted through his nose and four other tubes inserted through small incisions on his stomach. They continue to give him antibiotics in hopes that they will minimize the infection so that his body begins to fight on its own. His kidneys are functioning normally and his will to survive is strong. God willing, he will overcome this illness.

Again we thank many families and friends who have prayed for Ramsey, expressing hopes that God restore his health. Love and positive energy are powerful forces that can bring about profound change.

With gratitude and love,

Irma Muniz

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