Slavery in Texas 2005

The South Texas office of the Texas Civil Rights Project this week
filed suit in the 139TH state District Court of Hidalgo County, Texas
on behalf of two women who were victims of human trafficking and forced
labor until they escaped through a window in the house where they were
held against their will.

The suit claims that the five defendants, members of a Rio Grande
Valley family, transported the two women to the United States after
promising jobs, but forced them to work with no pay when they arrived.
The women claim they were forced to work up to 21 hours a day over the
course of two months at Pappasitos adult day care center in Mission.
They were also forced to perform domestic labor in several homes. They
received no compensation for their work, were not allowed to take
breaks, and were denied adequate food and water.

The women were also subjected to sexual harassment and were not
permitted to have contact with family or friends. They were threatened
with deportation, if they complained. During the two-month period, the
women were forced to work more than 1,300 hours before they were able
to escape. See the rest of the press release at the Texas Civil Rights Project.

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