Ear to the Ground: White Texas Democrats Need a Civil Rights Bootstrap

Prophesy not deliverance for Texas Democrats sez Tejano Politico. No, it is time to prophesy doom.

"Although the last three state party leaders and some of their former
consultants have long ignored the growing Hispanic community and
African American communities, Republican interests have slowly been
cutting into the Democratic numbers."

At this website, we have endeavored to stay out of party politics, but
the Civil Rights diagnosis of the Tejano Politico makes sad but true
sense from where we sit. We wish good luck to Howard Dean in his
rumored visit to South Texas, although we suspect — based on the
pure structure of the symptoms — that he should place a thermometer on
the tongues of so-called white progressives if he is in a mood to make house calls.

Of course, prophets of doom have always preferred deliverance, but
which words are more likely to be heard? In the end, deliverance
rests in the hands of the people themselves.

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