Telling Your Children How Much Nobody Cares

We have had very little passion for the education legislation this year
in Texas. So we are pleased to see someone try to work up an
emotion over this disaster. Read Rep. Mike Villarreal‘s letter to his 18-month-old daughter, clipped and posted at Latinos for Texas.

"This bill is like a spare tire, undersized and useful only for a
short stretch of road. It will help the governor and lawmakers get
beyond their next re-election. But in two years, our school finance
system will fail again and we will be the worse for having driven on a
spare tire so long."

Makes me think of those re-treads that you see curled up on the highway. A new metaphor for Texas ed.

For Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka, the Governor’s summer leadership
is likewise nothing but a political retread that need only last until
election day 2006. But Burka works up a kind of admiration for
the ploy when viewed as a survival plan for one of the state’s 22
million residents — the one who lives in the Governor’s mansion.
For Burka’s Governor the game is all about being Governor period.
Well, subscribers to Texas Monthly know very well what they are paying for, as voters for Perry also know their own low expectations.

For our part here, we view with growling suspicion the "tax cut" plan
that will do one thing and one thing only. No, it won’t cut
taxes, but it will reduce the status of arguments now before the Texas
Supreme Court that seek to lift the cap on local property taxes.
And with the status of those arguments reduced, the Supremes may very
well be able to also punt the whole school funding question past November 2006.

And while we have Latinos for Texas on the mind, here’s link to Latinos for America, more evidence of the Dean wing in flight (up, we hope, not away).

Note: Paragraphs on Burka and ‘growling suspcion’ added July 17.

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