Statement from a 24-year-old Witness

I was standing outside of my friend [G’s name withheld by editor]
house. She lives two or three duplexes away from me. I saw
a suburban pull up to a stop sign. The officers pulled in front
of it. They all got out. One of the officers yelled, "don’t
run Ricky." A person ran. It was a young boy,
tennager. I didn’t see him. A female officer took off after
the one who ran. About a minute later she brought him back.
The female officer was wearing shorts. She had blond hair.
She walked back from by the Suburban, he didn’t make it that far.
I’m sure it was the same person who ran. The other officers were
with the other guy in the Suburban. He was still in the Suburban,
in the driver’s side. They were standing on the driver’s
side. The blond officer was on the passenger side with the other
boy. She was the only female officer out there.

She was by the stop sign and she put the boy down. Me and [G]
were walking back towards my house. We were by a metal
fence. The metal fence meets up with the stop sign sort of.
I live across from Quicksilver. We were on the opposite side of
the street from where the Suburban was.

Det. Walker asked me if I saw a fight or struggle. No, I saw the
officer holding the man with one hand, the left, and she had her gun
with her right. All I could see was his shoulder that she had him
by. I couldn’t tell which shoulder. Then her gun fired
once. She was standing up, kind of hunched over, and he was
already on the ground. I saw the fire come out of the officer’s

Signed and notarized June 10, 2005

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