Affidavit from the Driver

Note: describing the final minutes of a 15 minute ride that he gave to two friends.

As I was approaching the stop sign at Quicksilver and Pleasant Valley I
saw an unmarked police behind me. When we got to the intersection
I saw a gray unmarked police car pass Quicksilver southbound on
Pleasant Valley and then back up real fast. I stopped at the stop
sign and the gray police car pulled in front of me. When the
police car stopped in front of me I just stayed where I was. Rick
and Daniel said something like, "Oh Shit!" and they got out and started
running. I heard a female voice yell to Rick an Daniel by name
and tell them not to run. A female officer who was wearing a
yellow top came to my side and opened my door. She placed her
hand on my arm she told me to get out of the car. I then asked
her if I should put it in park. Right after I put the vehicle in
park, I heard the gunshot…

Signed and notarized June 10, 2005

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