Rrustem Neza's Appeal to the 11th Circuit to Halt Deportation

Excerpt from Rrustem Neza’s appeal to the 11th Circuit to halt his deportation and re-open his asylum hearing. Link to full appeal below. As with other petitions posted at the Texas Civil Rights Review, some names have been suppressed.–gm

All expert opinion in this matter indicates that Rrustem Neza’s asylum claim is truthful and that he may be killed for his political activities if he is deported to Albania. The Respondent has presented no evidence or opinion to the contrary. Professor James Pettifer, PhD, Research Associate at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, and currently Visiting Research Fellow at Princeton University, and Miranda Vickers, who have between them published numerous books on Albania and the Balkans, have reviewed the file and confirm the likelihood that Mr. Neza will be murdered for his political affiliation if returned to Albania.

Full petition to the 11th Circuit in pdf format.

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