USA Seeks to Dope and Deport Albanian Prisoner

Excerpt from Oct. 10, 2007 motion to re-open the asylum case of Rrustem Neza:

The Department of Homeland Security plans to drug Rrustem Neza
before putting him on the plane for deportation to Albania, so that
when he arrives he will not even be able to run away from the killers,
who will be waiting for him. DHS wants to drug Mr. Neza because he
prefers being alive in the Rolling Plains Detention Facility at Haskell,
Texas, indefinitely, to being dead forever in Albania.

On 1 October 2007 the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed
in the court for the Northern District of Texas, Abilene Division, a Complaint for
Injunctive Relief and Expedited Motion for a Preliminary Injunction Authorizing
Medical Treatment to Facilitate Defendant’s Removal, asking the district judge to
authorize the BICE to dope Mr. Neza so they can put him on an airplane without
protest. US v. Neza, Civ. No. 1-07CV0176-C. The BICE acknowledges in its
Complaint that Mr. Neza has now pending before the BIA a Motion to Reopen
filed by current counsel and before this Court of Appeals a petition for review of Amended Motion to Reopen on Account of Changed Circumstances the denial of the Motion to Reopen that previous counsel filed. When the BICE took Mr. Neza to the airport to deport him on 8 August 2007, he pleaded for his life so pitifully that the airline refused to allow him to board. The BICE claims,
“On several occasions, Neza has stated to an ICE Deportation Officer that he will
not voluntarily return to Albania.”

Indeed, Mr. Neza has been incarcerated for nine months at the Rolling Plains
Detention Facility at Haskell, Texas, and there is no end of his imprisonment in
sight. Mr. Neza easily could end his confinement by departing for Albania, but he
prefers the misery of the prison in Texas to death in Albania. The government
makes the astonishing argument that Mr. Neza’s motion to reopen should be
denied because “every delay works to the advantage of the deportable alien who
wishes merely to remain in the United States.” Department of Homeland
Security’s Opposition to Motion to Reopen, served on Petitioner 1 October, 2007.
In this case, every delay works to the advantage of the deportable alien who wishes
merely to remain alive. If the BICE succeeds in its suit to drug him and put him on
a flight to Albania, Mr. Neza will be too drowsy to run away from his assassins
when his flight arrives in Albania.

Full text of BIA motion

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