Affidavit from Corrections Dept.

On October 8, 2004, Daniel Rocha was sentenced to six (6) years
Community Supervision for the criminal offense of Burglary of a
Habitation…. Since that date, two (2) Motion To Revoke Probation have
been filed. thje first was filed on February 8, 2005 due to Rocha
being arrested for Possession of Marijuana, failure to complete a TCADA
License Intensive Outpatient Treatment and delinquent monies. The
offender was continued on supervision on Apri 1, 2005.

On June 2 [H name withheld by editor] called to inform me that Mr.
Rocha had committed the subsequent criminal offense of Theft from a
Person, State Jail Felony. He also indicated that at the time of
the offense, the offender was seen with [I name withheld by editor] a
convicted felon…

The report goes on to describe a conversation with Danel’s mother
Daniella in which the mother expresses concern that Daniel is hanging
out with the old crowd:
"she was worried about him getting hurt because he does something stupid while getting arrested."

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