Affidavit of Don Doyle

Note: the Doyle affidavit begins with the drug surveilance
activities, the suspect’s [X’s] house, and an attempt on the part of
police to determine a supplier for the "middleman" [X]. In
Doyle’s affadvit a suburban [Doyle says a white one, Shroeder says a
brown one] is identified and Doyle follows it to the stop sign where
Schroeder initates the take down.

I had the mic in my hand and was preparing to advise over the radio
that the vehicle was turning right onto Pleasant Valley and that I did
not have a traffic violation yet. Before I could get out on the
radio I saw Officer Shroeder and officer Borton turning from south
bound Pleasant Valley to west bound Quick Silver. They pulled
sort of diagonally and to the front of the White SUV, but did not block
the vehicle. I believe officer Schroeder was driving and I
noticed that the Red and Blue emergency lights were activated. I
knew we were on our channel and that I need to switch to Frank radio to
advise we were making a traffic stop. I was also trying to get my
emergency lights activated. As I was doing this I observed a
Hispanic male exit the passenger side of the SUV and jump a
fence. I saw Officer Borton coming to the driver side of the SUV
I heard her say "Sarge help Julie she has Rocha." I don’t recall
seeing whether Officer Borton had her weapon or not. I
immediately exited my vehicle and ran to the passenger side of the
SUV. I was wearing my police raid vest and noticed that Officer
Schroeder was wearing her police raid vest also. I did not see
Officer Schroeder with her weapon drawn and I didn’t see the suspect
with a weapon. I saw a Hispanic male trying to run away from
Officer Schroeder and Officer Schroeder was trying to grab him to
prevent him from escaping. The Hispanic male was bent over and
pulling away from Officer Schroeder. I believe Officer Schroeder
was behind or beside the Hispanic male. I approached and I was
trying to grab the guy. I recall Officer Schroeder yelling
police. I was focused on getting the guy to the ground. It
was happening quick. Very quick. The guy was a little
shorter than me and weighed less than me. His size did not
concern me. I grabbed the guy’s shirt and he was struggling and
and trying to pull away. The guy never punched or kicked me and I
never saw him punch or kick Officer Schroeder. He was
aggressively trying to pull away from us. It was like we were
going in a circle with the guy. At some point I believe I had the
guys wrist, but I really don’t recall seeing his hands during the
struggle. Somehow during the struggle I ended up on the
ground. I believe I was on the ground and was on my butt.
During the struggle I lost site of Officer Schroeder and I was focused
on the guy. I knew she was there, but like I said I was focused
on him and was trying to grab a hold of him. I remember when I
was on the ground I was able to grab one of his legs around the ankle
area and I [in original] he was still on his feet and struggling.
I was hoping we could get him to the ground. At that time I heard
a pop….

The affadavit goes on to describe Rocha falling on his back in his
white t-shirt.  Only when Doyle rolls him over does he see the

Signed and notarized June 10, 2005

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