Vo Report

Houston IndyMedia

We got a

very brief report today on developments in the fight to keep Hubert Vo in the Texas Legislature. The

Vo camp received a list on Tuesday of alleged “illegal voters” which they are now reviewing, one name

at a time.

“We got the list and we’re dismissing a lot of the names so far,” says our

source. “Now it’s the old accounting thing. You look at a name, check it out and say ‘no good, no

good,’ or ‘maybe there is something here.’ It’s taking longer than we


About the conference call today between the disputing parties, our source

says only that, “it went fine.” We’ll ask for another update Thursday.


Hubert Vo won a close election to the Texas House of Representatives
and is now fighting a

challenge that is scheduled for hearings before the legislature
early next year.-


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